The Art of Swallowing Your Pride and Asking for Help


I have a strange aversion to asking for help. I could literally be facing certain death, and my only chance of survival was to relent and ask for help, Chances are I’d be dead shortly after due to my noncompliance. Somewhere along the road, I told myself that asking for help is a sign of weakness or inferiority. Logically I know that my thought process is absurd yet that is typically how I operate. To my friends, I’m the Oprah of the group because I “have it together”. I relish being the one that everyone turns to in crisis. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy seeing people I care about in distress, I just like being the one they call on. (narcissistic much?)

I have no problem admitting that I’m incredibly stubborn and pride myself on being self-sufficient. Ironically enough, when I am in need of someone, I often get frustrated because I don’t have my own “Oprah” to turn to. The catch 22 is that it is my fault for keeping others at bay in my time of need.  In reality I’m just as human as the next person no matter “together” I try to appear to be. I’m learning to get off my high horse and to understand that asking for help is a hell of a lot more courageous than struggling at going it alone. No man is an island; or so they tell me… 😉


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