The Importance of a Grocery List


I’ve freely embraced that I am incredibly disorganized. I tend to go about life in a “stream of consciousness” way (unless I have a crush on you, but that’s a different story for a different day). As much as i hate to admit it, I have my head in the clouds quite a bit so it’s important that I write things down; otherwise to my whimsical little brain, it does not exist.  So you’d think by now I’ve known myself to be forgetful, I’d master the task of making lists, in this particular instance a grocery list.

More often than not, when I’m at any store, I usually remember to write down what I need otherwise that leaves me at the mercy of my “wants”. Meaning, I am vulnerable to purchase whatever looks good at the moment I see it (Check out to get more understanding to the method rather lack thereof to my madness). That, and I forget what I went to the store for in the first place.

Today was a day that I did not bring such list. I remember distinctly thinking “Crap! I don’t have a shopping list. Eh, I can wing it”. With said false hope I proceeded to get the items that I needed. As I went to the checkout line, I remembered feeling proud that I got everything I needed. I thought to myself, “See, I don’t need a stinkin’ list after all”. So I went home, unloaded my groceries, and carried them to my apartment.

As I was putting my items away (proudly I might add), I prepared to make myself a steak. As I got my seasonings out, I realized that I’d forgotten the foil. Face palm, “ugh”, I thought to myself I forgot something. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I decided to forego the steak and opt for a sandwich. I got those items out, then realized that I forgot the mayo. Was I batting a thousand or what? So moral of the story A: I am not above needing a list, for literally everything, B: I am a forgetful putz, and C: I am now very hungry with a fridge full of ingredients that are missing their counterparts. Time to order delivery.


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