Confessions of a Creeper

I love to people watch. No, I’m not talking about squatting in the bushes eerily watching my neighbor drop trou. I mean in public settings like coffee houses (Starbucks, let’s be honest) and such. It’s interesting watching people interact with one another. One instance in particular that just occurred was especially entertaining.

I’m sitting in Starbucks trying to work on my “Labor of Love” and I come across this middle aged man ranting on emphatically about the 49ers. He was pacing the floor going on about a bet or something, I wasn’t interesting with his conversation, his bright teal button down made it hard for me not to see him. Anyway, I digress, what made this interesting were the two collegiate girls eyeing the table he was pacing around. I probably should mention that the girls were very attractive.

So strange teal shirt dude notices the two girls in need of the table and he so graciously motions for them to come over to sit down since he’s not using it. In creepy old dude fashion he lingers and begins asking them questions about some arbitrary assignment they’re working on. The girls were polite but they had those really tight smiles on their faces which anyone who was watching this catastrophe go down could see from miles away.

He then tries to find some common ground with them on their assignment, what that was I couldn’t tell you. I was more enjoying the body language the girls were displaying to the old dude to really give my full attention to what he was sputtering on about. The ordeal reminded me of a time that happened to me some years ago. I wonder if older men understand how creepy they come off when they’re trying to hit on someone who could legitimately be the age of their daughter. To make this even more comical was that a guy at a table on the other side of the calamity was watching the creepy old dude unsuccessfully hitting on the girls also. 

 I really can’t tell you why I love watching the interactions of others. It’s just fascinating I suppose, and probably an easy way to put aside what I was really supposed to be doing. Procrastination dies hard I guess. Who else likes to people watch? I can’t be the only weird out there ;-). Also, I have some very big news to share this coming Friday. Stay tuned!







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