Cleaning is Hazardous to Your Health

I’ve always lived by the phrase “A clean desk is a sign of an empty mind”. Though recently I have discovered the benefits of cleaning. That is until about 30 minutes ago. I was tasked to clean the abominable refrigerator; a chore that doesn’t particularly bother me. In fact, I was in full cleaning mode, had my pandora blasting my Kaskade station, I was good to go. After taking and trashing the items that could in fact have been older than my niece and nephew combined, I began the scrubbing process (don’t judge).

After furiously scrubbing, I was making some headway and all of a sudden I ran over a little bump of sorts. It didn’t feel sharp at all, just a little dull clump of something. Almost instantly after my finger made contact, I felt this searing pain that sent that weird feeling throughout my body. I immediately pull my hand away and discover a sizable gash on my middle finger which then proceeds to bleed profusely. It took about 10 minutes or so of me putting pressure on it as well as putting it under cold water (thank you Google) for my finger to stop bleeding. Now, I’m all bandaged up and I’m thinking to myself “this would not have happened had I just left it dirty”. I look at my kitchen and it shines nice and bright due to its thorough cleaning. I will be thinking twice before attempting this endeavor in the future. But first I need a moment of silence for my fallen digit who was wounded in the line of duty. 😉



(Excuse the crappy manicure)


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