Become a Conflict Resolution Pro in the Workplace in 5 Steps



People seldom enjoy being embroiled in conflict. In fact, conflict hinders productivity in the workplace. The reality is you will come across all types of people and working styles through the duration of your working career. The trick is to know how to successfully work through issues to maintain harmony in the workplace. Below are 5 steps that are integral in making you a conflict resolution champion.

  1.     Be Inquisitive

Conflict occurs due to lack of communication or misinterpretation. At times one party may think the other said or did something they were not in agreement with. By asking questions, you can potentially prevent a bigger problem from occurring.

  1.     Put Yourself in the Other Person’s Shoes

By trying to see the situation from the alternative perspective, you can gauge a better understanding of where the other party is coming from. At times we only see how a situation affects us without even realizing that the other person may have a valid reason for feeling the way they do. By recognizing the reality of different viewpoints you can begin to come to a mutual agreement that is in the best interest of both parties involved.

  1.     Keep a Level Head By Not Involving Emotion

At times it’s difficult not to be offended or defensive during conflict. I strongly recommend that you be highly vigilant in guarding your emotions and checking the ego at the door. When emotion comes into play, you can lose sight of the real issue at hand and it can escalate into a situation that may need to be mediated; thus potentially tainting your reputation at work.  Be sure to stick to the issue at hand and keep it as professional as you can.

  1.     Make a Mutual Pack to Find Resolution

The easiest and most effective way to put the other party at ease is to make an agreement to find a resolution to the situation. If a person knows your intention is to make sure all is well, they will be more agreeable in getting the problem solved.

  1.     Keep Calm and Carry On

When you approach conflict in a relaxed and calm manner, you’ll find a solution faster than you would if you were angry and upset. Keeping a cool head will give you a chance to brainstorm and figure out a solution that works for everyone. In addition, your peers will respect you a great deal seeing how well you are at conflict resolution.

Conflict is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and for the most part unwanted. The reality is that everyone is different and has diverse ways on how we approach things, which is how conflict comes about. If you can utilize these steps when dealing with conflict, they will surely guide you to controllable resolution. Dealing with conflict will never be fun, but at the very least, you can become ready when it occurs.  

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