No Time Like the Present

Life does not wait for anyone. Boom! Post done; you’re welcome 😉

All jokes aside, I’m really getting ahold of my avoidance tactics and am facing the world come what may. I was walking my dog this morning and I realized that, scared or not, life is still happening. It was in the moment I understood that I was using fear as a catalyst to hold me back. Life is scary and yes it’s often easiest to run and hide under your covers and watch Duck Dynasty (everyone does this, right?), but by hiding out, there are so many things you are missing out on.

I realized that there will never be “the perfect time” to do anything. A lot of times I say to myself “if the situation were this way” or “if I only had this one thing to make me productive, I could make it work” and my favorite “if the circumstances were different”. Until today, I kept thinking that the “right” moment would arrive where I could finally do everything I’ve set out to accomplish. Well guess what, that utopian world where life is perfect and you have nothing to focus on but yourself is a fantasy.

These are excuses used to rationalize my failings towards my goals. Excuses are like buttholes; everyone has one and they’re full of crap. The only thing that is standing in between me and what I want to accomplish is me. Now armed with this newfound understanding I’m going to hold myself a bit more accountable. I’m not going to have 100% perfect days everyday and I’m going to accept life happens. I cannot be a twig flailing around in the wind whenever life throws something unexpected my way. Instead, I will embrace it, and keep on keeping on. I see life as an impatient train that does not wait if you are the slightest bit late; so you have to be sure and get on it. Sometimes we miss the train initially, but the cool thing is there are many stops on the way. So next stop jump on and hold on for dear life, as it’s the only one we’ve got. Lastly as my grandmother would say, “Piss or get off the pot”, and on that note, I need to find a bathroom… 🙂


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