8 Super Cool Apps to Keep you organized

Hello Blogger Friends!

I’ve been a busy bee getting articles published and whatnot, so my blogging has fallen to the wayside. The plus side is, that I have loads of fun things to share, including my most recent trip to see my parentals in Monterey! My dad turned 50 earlier this month and my sister’s family and I flew out there to surprise him. While I was there, I went to San Francisco to hangout with a former colleague turned friend and a college buddy of mine (more on that later). It’s safe to say that I’ve fallen in love with the city. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be a resident there. Lord knows I’ve been aching to be a California resident again. So I’m going to put that out there… in the space… and see where the vibes take me! So that’s just an update on my shenanigans.

Like I mentioned earlier, staying organized is a constant struggle for me. I usually like to keep it old school and use pen and paper methods to get the job done but going digital has its perks.  What I really wanted to share with you are some really sweet apps that I recently wrote about which you can check out here. I tested out all of the apps and I have 2 favorites that I use daily. It’s super helpful as it helps me track my progress and become a productive member of society and all the jazz. With that said, definitely check a few of them out and let me know which ones you liked!


(via HackCollege)


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