Pwning Kids at Chuck E. Cheese

I’ve have the sheer pleasure of having my mommy in town! I’ve been off having all kinds of adventures and fun. One of my most recent adventures happened to involve Chuck E. Cheese. Personally I’m not a fan of going to places with tons of screaming children, however both my niece and nephew made the honor roll, so alas, I must oblige. Fortunately for me, there weren’t too many kids. Unfortunately for my niece and nephew, those games were rigged so much, that they had no chance of getting a lot of tickets. This folks, is why everyone needs a 20something aunt.

See, I’m an injury-retired varsity basketball player, so naturally I headed off to the hoops. Like a has-been all star who peaked in high school, I proceeded to dominate the game. Shot after shot, swish after swish. I was unstoppable (says the adult playing a game that’s meant for a child). After a good half hour and a few tokens later, I divvied up the tickets and gave them to the kiddos. But seriously though, those games were totally rigged. Like the old saying goes: when life gives you lemons, go grab your 25 year old aunt. 😉



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