My Writing Inspiration Happens Best When I’m…


As someone who writes quite a bit, it’s easy to endure writer’s block. Being plugged into technology 24/7 makes for a very frazzled Taryn. There are times where my brain is clogged with words like a backed-up drain in need of some snaking. Well, my mental Drain-O is the good ol’ outdoors.

Sometimes you just need to get out into the elements to truly center yourself. Fortunately for me, Red Rock Canyon is not far away. Plus my mom renewed my National Parks and Recreation Pass which means I can visit any park in the country!

As someone who stays in her head a lot, going outside is a prime way for me to refresh and connect with myself in an organic way. Outside, when I clear my mind of all the clutter, my capacity for creating is restored. Here are a few places I’ve had the pleasure of finding my inspiration. How do you find yours?

madewithOver6 madewithOver5  madewithOver3 madewithOver7


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