Strategic Sunday: Getting My Sh*t Together

Happy Sunday!

As I sit in Starbucks, pretending to get life in order this week, I have made a few goals for this upcoming week. Since sharing is caring here are a few things you can expect from this caffeinated junkie.

  • #100DayProject

As you guys know, I started the 100 Days of Writing last Monday. Now, I’d be lying if I told you these last 7 days have gone perfectly (they haven’t). My new goal is to blurb about my progress at least once a day. A short and quick update on how the project is going. It will help keep me accountable (or so I hope).

  • Freelance writing projects

I’ve got a lot on my plate in terms of projects that I’m working on, which is great! I really am attempting to stay on top of my work and making sure my clients are 110% thrilled with my work. I also have some articles that I need to finish by today so they can be published this week! One of my editors needed some content asap for this week, so with any luck, I’ll post a few bylines during the week.

  • Quality friendship time

I’ve been shirking my friend duties (although, I did go to a Milky Chance concert last week, more on that later). All work and no play makes for a mopey and anxiety-filled Taryn.

  • Working on my fitness

Yeah… my ass has seen better days.

  • Freelance Fridays

I will be starting a weekly post on all of my freelance dealings. A lot of times, freelance writers paint the profession as a “romantic” and “work free” love affair where you sit on your pretty little bum, collecting checks with minimal effort. So not true. As with any other self-run business, there is a lot of hustling, hard work, and dedication that comes with it. There, I’ll talk about my experiences, answer any questions you may have for me, and give helpful tips to any aspiring freelancers. I’ve made a few triumphs and a bunch of mistakes, so if you can learn from me and skip some pitfalls, I’m happy to help!

Anywho, that is what’s on the docket for this week. I hope everyone has a splendid, productive week ahead of them. 🙂


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