The Relapse

It’s no secret that I love Starbucks (particularly their caramel macchiatos), just take a look at my blog name, ha! I get a lot of work done there as well, so if you want to rationalize my addiction, it technically pays for itself. Starbucks– however– is not the reason for this post. I have darker, more predatory addiction that I’ve relapsed from. Friends, I’m talking about Red Bull (more specifically, the Red Edition).

I blame my roommate for this debilitating disease. Back in October, I was having a hard time finding the energy to carry on at work and Carla had an extra Red Bull. At first I told her that Red Bull smells terrible to me and that I would not put that alleged bull urine anywhere near my mouth. She then hands me the Red Edition Red Bull saying that it tastes way better. Exasperatingly tired, I did what any desperate individual would do in my position; I drank it. Surprisingly, it was delicious– problem was– I felt like I was in the Matrix. I’m dead serious. There was a lag between what was happening around me and my response time.

Neo dodges the bullet

My first encounter wasn’t that great, and quite honestly the only reason why I gave it a second go was because I found myself increasingly tired from work (emotional exhaustion will do that to you). That time it stuck, and a new addiction was formed. There would be days where I’d have two, just to get through the work day (If that doesn’t tell you how much I loved my job, I don’t know what will, lol). The plus side was that once I came down, I was down and out for the count. At one point, I was sleeping so heavily, my sister thought I had died.


While I did get some of the best sleep EVER with my crack..err… Red Bull regime, I knew it was not a good idea to be so dependent. So, for New Years, I decided to go cold turkey and ditch the habit– and I was successful, up until a few weeks ago. I’m sure you all remember when i going on and on about being sick. Well, time waits for no man, and my workload didn’t magically disappear due to my not feeling well. So, to supplement my medicine, I used Red Bull to help me power through. It did the trick.


While I don’t hold Red Bull to the same esteem as I would coffee, I must admit it’s quite lovely. So for now, I will quietly enjoy Red Bull knowing that I can quit when I want (sound familiar). Until I go cold turkey again, don’t be alarmed if you see this face. Happy Hump Day, everyone!



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