The Perks of Snail Mail Pt. 2

A while back, I talked about writing letters to my best friend back home. As it stands, it’s still something I continue to this day. In fact, I’ve expanded my little operation to a few more friends in Cali and Hawaii. Since I went out of state for school, and while I’m still sequestered in Vegas (hey, cheap rent man), my childhood buddies aren’t down the street as there were when I was young. If I’m being completely honest, texting isn’t my strongest forte, so writing letters is a better way for me to connect with my friends while enjoying the benefits of getting mail that isn’t just bills or ads.


Finished my next round of letters to send.

Plus, it seems that my friends are enjoying the letters too. Just the other day Toni, my friend in Pacific Beach, sent me a photo of her letter, so stoked to have received it.


So I will continue my awesome pen pal activities with my friends. I’m looking forward to going to my mailbox next week. 🙂  Who else likes to write letters?


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