The Laundry

I’m not the biggest fan of mundane household chores. I’d rather spend my time daydreaming and drinking caffeinated beverages. I realize I don’t have what it takes to cut it as a housewife, though I’m not terribly broken up about that. However, since I do not have a maid, I am left to pick up after myself. One of my biggest disdains however, happens to be doing laundry.


Interestingly enough, I don’t mind the sorting, loading and drying aspects– that doesn’t bother me at all. My grievance is with the folding and putting away of the clothes part. Until recently, I didn’t realize how much I DESPISE putting away clean clothes. I find it arbitrary and useless. I mean after all, I can find whatever I need in a pile of clean laundry strewn across my floor right? As it turns out, that method is easier said than done.


I’ve come to find that I have a horrifically terrible time writing in cluttered spaces (Shh Mom, I can hear your “I told you so” a couple hundred miles away). Coming back from my sister’s house last night, after being away for a few days, I stared at my room, which looked like a bulimic dryer threw up a bunch of clothes all over my floor. So this morning, I resolved to finally do away with all of clothes on my floor.


About 30 minutes and a quick vacuum later, my room looks impeccable and I’m ready to write the day away. It’s amazing how much a little cleaning can change your mood dramatically. Even though I’ve made this revelation, don’t expect me to turn into some magic cleaning fairy. After all, there is a reason why I need lists and organization tools to keep me on track. I still think cleaning sucks, but at least I’m in the mood to write. 🙂



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