Abbey and the Streak of Jealousy


Abbey enjoys the company of other dogs. In fact, when I lived with my sister, Abbey had 2 buddies– Sage and Rio– a brother and sister pup duo that lived 2 doors down from us. Each morning without fail, either Abbey would run to their doorstep looking for them, or Sage and Rio would be on our porch waiting for us to come out. It was terribly cute. Their mom, Jaime, who’ve I’ve talked about before— and I would  walk around the block occasionally, whenever the time permitted. I’ve always enjoyed watching Abbey play with other dogs, she seems to really love it– So much so that I had entertained the idea of getting another dog for her to play with. However, I have discovered that Abbey prefers the 1 human, 1 dog ratio.

IMG_0660 1

Abbey and Jeter on a stroll

Abbey has a sweet disposition– so long as you’re not another dog trying to encroach upon her human (me). Living with Jeter has brought out another side of Abbey– a jealous side. Though Jeter is no angel himself, I’ve noticed Abbey go out of her way to passively let Jeter know that she’s not interested in sharing my attention. Whether it’s pushing my hand away while I’m petting him or trampling him while going up the stairs (she’ll seriously pretend like she doesn’t see him). It’s odd really.  We could be at the dog park and she’ll interact with other dogs splendidly. However, if Jeter is sitting on my lap, she’ll give him a look to which he’ll respond to by promptly getting off. Yet whenever we’re away for a day or two, like this weekend, they’ll greet each other like long lost buddies. Their relationship is confusing to say the least. So for now, Abbey will remain an only dog. Good thing Abbey’s not in the mafia, she’d be a good intimidator, ha. 🙂


Only-dog syndrome


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