Strategic Sunday Pt. 6: Good Vibes

This past week has been a great one! I’ve taken on some new projects that I’m absolutely excited about. I love that I enjoy the subject matter I’m writing on. Also, I was able to see all of my kiddos this week! Having 3 nephews (ages 8, 2 and 2 1/2 months) and a niece (she’s 7) make for a very busy aunt. That said, I always enjoy spending time with them.

The hot weather is officially upon us in Vegas. I guess I can’t complain since it usually starts getting hot in April.┬áBeing that this will be my last summer here, I will suck it up and make the best of things (with loads of sunscreen). This coming week will be action-packed so here’s what’s on the agenda.

  • Writing! I has tons of updates so I’ll be talking about my aunt adventures, recent shenanigans, etc.
  • Abbey will get a little face time so you guys can see what she’s been up to.
  • I’ll update on my #100 Days Project this week too. It’s over halfway done!
  • Freelance Friday: I’m going to do a rant on content mills. I absolutely loathe them. If you’re looking to freelance for the long run, you should too, and I’ll explain why.

Welp, that’s all for now, I hope you all have a splendid upcoming week! Happy Sunday everyone!


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