Abbey and the Sleepover

Recently I’ve taken on more projects– which is awesome! However, to ensure that Abbey wasn’t missing out on quality human time, she went for a sleepover at her cousins’ house. Abbey loves my niece and nephew, so she had no trouble leaving me behind to run towards their house as we pulled up.

I’m not without my pup too often, and it’s safe to say that she’s become part of my writing process. We’ll go out for a few walks during the day so that she gets her exercise and I don’t stab my eyes out from staring at my screen all day. Even though she was gone for only a couple of days, I get a little mopey when my furchild is away. However, my sister is nice enough to send me pictures of the kiddos’ shenanigans. All three of them wear each other out– so much so that Abbey sleeps for about a day or two whenever she comes back from visiting them. Now if only I could sleep like that… 🙂


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