Office Space

Writing is tough business– especially when you don’t have a designated place to do so. When I’m home, wherever I try to write, I always lose focus or find myself doing some type of household chore. It’s a pain, really– which is why I go elsewhere. Typically, one can find me in a Starbucks or at the really sweet library in Henderson. Honestly, it has such a beautiful view that I get the best of both worlds– writing in a gorgeous backdrop.


The problem is that there are times when I don’t want to drop $5 on a macchiato or drive to the library. So last weekend I decided to finally commit to creating a writing space in my apartment. I couldn’t be happier with my new little office. I find that I’m able to concentrate more so now that I have a designated space. While I still frequent my usual haunts, it’s nice to know that I have my own little spot where I can create at home. 🙂


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