Radio Silence is Golden

Hi all!

My apologies on my lack of posting. I’ve been out and about enjoying the outside world! It all started with an impromptu trip to LA/Santa Monica. Every now and then I get into this rut that only a trip to the Motherland can cure. Though my trip was brief, it was very much needed, as I feel as though my batteries are recharged and I’m back in action!

On another note, I am 3 days into my caffeine detox. Basically, caffeine and I have had a “conscious uncoupling”. I know, who would’ve thought that I would be giving up the go juice?! I’ll be frank, these last 3 days have been a struggle. The headaches, irritation, homicidal thoughts… just kidding on the last one, ha! In all seriousness though, going cold turkey is rough, however I have noticed that I can get to sleep easier. I’m not sure if this is an indefinite caffeine break– however I am weighing all of the benefits either way so only time will tell.


So for now, I’m unpacking all of the cool stories I’ll be sharing in the next few days, including some awesome California photos. In the meantime, happy Tuesday everyone!



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