Adventures in Downtown LA

Last Saturday, I decided to make a quick trip to Downtown LA just to see if I still had the same vibe as I did the week prior. As luck would have it, I loved it even more! Maybe it was the fact that I was by myself so I could soak up the experience more efficiently. Maybe it was the bright sunny weather; whatever it is, I call it love for the city!


Being a tourist in the city

El Dorado lofts happens to be in the prime area of where I would like to reside. For starters, all of the units have generously sized balconies, so Abbey could have a little bit of outdoor space. Plus, there is a dog friendly park right across the street. In fact, there are a ton of parks within walking distance, so I’m excited that I won’t have a problem with having a medium-size dog in the city.


-El Dorado, mark my words, I will live here.

Secondly, I stopped by a Starbucks and got a chance to sit and write for a bit. The experience was surreal. I had the opportunity to people watch and just check out the overall vibe of the area. My mind almost turned into a puddle due to so much sensory overload.

IMG_12741 (1)

Bottom line, I now have a vision for my impending goals, which is great because picturing the end goal makes it way easier to buckle down and put in the hard work to make it happen. So here’s me putting it out there, Taryn (and Abbey) will be a Downtown LA resident(s) in 2016!


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