I Choose to be Happy


Since my return to Las Vegas, I’ve been bummed out to say the least. During this past weekend, I managed to see 2 of my closest friends. I had such a beautiful trip, that coming back to Vegas has got me singing the blues. That is until I decided change my tune.

I know that I won’t be exiled in Vegas for that much longer. My lease ends in 7 months, business is going very well, and I’m making more trips to the promiseland. Sure, it’s easier to say that I hate living in Satan’s Buttcrack and majority of my loved ones are at least 300 hundred miles away from me, yada yada yada. All that does is allow me to wallow in self pity. Nope, not anymore.

Instead, I’m looking at it this way: I’m crafting my work and building up my client list so that I can make my goals/dreams come true. Also, my happiness is not indicative of external forces; it’s something that has to come from within. So now and going forward, I choose to be happy and to enjoy life’s blessings instead of its challenges. Here’s to conquering the world! 🙂


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