Back from the…

ok, I get it- I suck at blogging regularly.

Hello friends! I have been busy… with life! While I can’t pour my heart and soul into this post, I’ll give you a few quick bullet points on the life of Taryn as of late.

Cool mental shizz:

  • Working on telling my inner critic to “STFU”
  • Doing tasks while still being terrified (turns out, I have nothing to fear! More on that later)
  • I’m pretty sure I’m safe to say I’m out of my quarter-life crisis fog! (definitely more on that later)
  • New coping mechanism for anxiety. I.E.: coloring, crochet, hiking, and walking by the beach with Abbey!
Abbey walking on water


Awesome work stuff:

  • I’ve attended a few workshops/ networking events
  • Fantastic clients
  • New clients (yes!)
  • New freelance colleagues (A major yes for all who know the struggle of working solo)
New office


California livin’:

  • LOVE Long Beach, like totally omg wow, it’s super awesome!
  • My roommate is the Seriously the chillest girl ever, couldn’t have asked for a better situation… because there isn’t one!
  • Beach meets downtown: I live 5 minutes walking  distance from the beach, but I’m also located downtown, so I get the best of both worlds!
  • Making new friends: I’ve seem to have found my people!


Getting down with nature

So in a nutshell, I’m pretty happy with life at this moment. I realize that the more I participate in my life, that better it gets. Who knew?! That’s it, for now. I could try and say I’ll have something up next week, but who am I kidding? 😉


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