The Truth About Working out of a Starbucks

Am I the only person who can’t do anything productive at home? I mean, I may have a deadline for an article, but you’ll be sooner to find me vacuuming, cleaning my room or taking the dog to the park before I actually get to an assignment. It’s completely terrible, I know. So to ensure I get some work done, I usually opt to go to Sbux.

I am fortunate because the Starbucks I frequent happens to be over 2000 sq. ft. and is open 24/7, score! The problem though is that it is always busy and at times difficult to get a good spot with access to an outlet. However, now that UNLV is back in session, it’s not so bad. So recently, I’ve had no trouble picking a prime spot and hanging out for a few hours while I perfect my literary genius (I.E. judge my writing to death while silently deal with anxiety attacks).


-My usual set up

One of the many reasons why I love coming to this particular location (besides being open forever) is that it is totally prime for people watching. Usually I can do it from a distance, but sometimes I get stuck next to some weirdo. It doesn’t help that I have one of those, “hey come talk to me, I won’t judge” faces. Seriously, I can tell you dozens of times when strangers have just confided in me for no particular reason. I’m like a traveling priest or something. Anywho, I digress.

So today, I was able to secure a corner spot. In this location, it’s like a bench style area with about 8 desks all with outlets around them. It’s quite convenient and a great use of space, in my opinion. To add on to my delight the next two seats were empty next to me; which meant I could be a douche and spread my books around (on a side note, I am in desperate need of an office). Life was good for the first hour or so, that is, until he came along.

This dude politely comes up and asks if the seat next to me was taken. I smiled politely and said no and proceeded to move my things. I don’t have a problem with people sitting next to me so I was cool at that point. Then after ordering his drink, he sits down and does his own thing. The spaces are a bit small, but I didn’t mind because he wasn’t doing anything weird. Until he took his flip flops off and stuck his bare feet on the bench only a mere inches away from me, to my dismay.


-For the love of humanity, why?!?!?!?

To be clear, feet creep me out. Especially if I don’t know you. I don’t know your cleaning habits. What if you’re a shower abstainer? What if you have Athlete’s foot?! You just never know. Plus, how do you get comfortable putting your feet on communal space?! I just don’t get it. But I guess this is the chance I take when working in a public setting. Though I love Starbucks, Vegas sure does bring the weird out of people.

So now, I’m sitting here trying to keep my mind off of the toes that are right next to me. As you can tell, I’m not succeeding, lol. Oh, before I forget, I will be talking about where the heck I’ve been for that past month or so. I have some fun things to share with you, so at some point I will get around to writing them. Until then, have a great rest of the day!




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Why hello!

I realize that I’ve been posting a little sporadically as of late, but I promise I have my reasons and they shall be revealed soon enough. In Laymen’s terms, I’ve been a little bit of a Debbie Downer and have not been writing. Anywho, after chatting with a fellow blogger, I discovered that my actual name is not known by many. I’m not worried about anonymity or anything, it just never occurred to me. You get three guesses or I’m taking your first born. Ok, not really, kids aren’t really on the agenda right now haha.

Interestingly enough my twitter handle is TJ. I’ve never been nor am I currently being called TJ but because I was trying to be cool and go by my initials. Let’s just say… it hasn’t worked out. Lol. So without further ado my name is: Taryn. Welp now that you know my name I must stamp through some boards and disappear into oblivion.

Until next time!


My First Coffee Experience

Happy Friday!

I’ve been pretty busy today so I haven’t had time to make an actual post (tomorrow I will tell the first tale of my MeetUp series!)

Since coffee was a lifesaver today I am reposting the origin of my “love” for coffee.


Taryn Was Here

My first introduction to drinking coffee came about when I was a mere 12 years old. I was away at a weekend camp that my school attended every year. This year, I was a mentor to the 6 graders (Because in 7th grade you’ve acquired enlightenment). As a mentor, it was clear that I’d reached the epitome of maturity.

At this camp there was a gift shop in which they sold iced coffees. At 12, I thought that coffee was the drink of intellectuals; and since I considered myself to be highly intelligent, I just knew coffee was for me (In Laymen’s terms I thought I would seem cool and smart so I just had to partake in the ritual). So I went to the gift shop, forked over $3.25 (which was a lot for coffee back in 2001) and bought my very first coffee. I should also mention that…

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What I’m Reading


I have been slacking on the literary front. Meaning I haven’t read leisurely in quite some time. To be completely honest, after my disappointment with Brooklyn GirlsI have not actually been reading as frequently as I should. I don’t think I want to go through the heartbreak again. 😉 Well, that’s about to change! I recently picked up Ladies’ Night by Mary Kay Andrews and it looks rather interesting. So far I’ve gotten through the first few chapters and it’s pretty good. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. I’ll be sure to fill you in on it once I’m finished. Here’s to hoping! What books are you reading? Also, any recommendations are welcomed! 🙂

Why I Love Coffee

Good Morning!

I’m having a slow start and feel exhausted, which is weird because the mornings are generally my time to shine. Have you ever had one of the mornings where you are just so tired that you feel like you can’t comprehend much? That’s me today. Well fortunately I’ve made myself a big ol’ cup of java and hopefully that will get me a kick in the pants to start writing. You know the kind that actually pays the bills, lol. I hope everyone has a great caffeinated morning and a fantastic day! Happy Hump Day!


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