Taryn sees red

I always try to have a positive/funny vibe when I write, but today I’m going to keep it real and try a little rage/humor.



Royally Pissed



Guys, I’m a rage monster today. 

I’m a cranky, annoyed, frustrated, grumpy Taryn right now. I’m seeing red and wanting to do something about it. I’m kick-a-bunny angry.  Trip-a-kid angry. Punch-an-old-person angry. Yeah, I’m a hot mess. The funny part? On the outside, I look like:

Image result for happy person skipping gif


But on the inside, I’m like this:

Image result for hulk smash gif

WARNING: Actual sighting of Taryn. Beware


Here’s a quick rundown for my anger (in no particular order):

  • Bank of America and their shady savings account fees
  • Clients that aren’t on the same page internally and are giving contradictory feedback, wasting my time
  • Having to walk on eggshells because a person whom I’m stuck spending the next few days with changes her mood every nanosecond (technically this is my fault. I booked a hotel and then canceled. Idiot)
  • Las Vegas drivers
  • Feeling creatively stagnant (not for long!!!)


The Upside to Anger

There is a beauty to my rage-ness. Anger tells me that I’m feeling! As someone who typically struggles with identifying how I feel, this is a positive. I’m also able to identify why I’m angry. Anger also confirms why I left Vegas in the first place and why I have to keep going, in spite of being uncomfortable with entering unchartered territory. Anyway, I’m less angry now. I’d say I’m more in the range of ambivalent/annoyed with a side of hopeful. Who knew that writing was more beneficial than alcohol?!


Well, hopefully, you enjoyed my little rant. I will be posting about my travels in the next few days. In the last 3 months, Abbey and I have been to 9 states! It’s been a blast, but I will be taking a quick break in Oregon for a few months. Traveling is a blast, but honestly, I need a quick chill pill to keep on keeping on with my journey. Until next time!


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Say What You Need to Say

This is not an inspirational post. In fact it’s an anti-inspirational post. Sometimes life sucks. There’s no rhyme or reason, shit happens and you can’t do anything about it. Sometimes the best cure is to accept that you’re mad, comes to terms with your feelings and them let them go in the direction of the necessary target.

I have a hard time letting people know that I’m upset and am very good at hiding it. I’m so good, that I didn’t realize that I am an “in the closet passive aggressive”. The irony is not lost on me seeing as I can’t stand passive aggressive people. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings or make them feel bad, so I just sit on everything that bothers me. So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that my simmering pot of emotions has come to a full boil and has manifested in the form of an angry email.

Interestingly enough, once I pressed “send”, I immediately felt better; almost like I released my inner anguish in 300 words or less. I’m still irritated by the world at this moment, but at least I’ve said my peace and now I can move on. Who knew that all you need to do to feel better is to get mad and let people have it? Very cathartic, I must add.