Motivation Monday: Quote of the Day


Hard work trumps talent anyday. You could be gifted all day long, but if you don’t put the effort in, it won’t get you very far. Being talented does not guarantee success. Showing up everyday and putting in the work is the only way to achieve results. Don’t be afraid of challenging tasks as they help develop your character. So today, go do something challenging and watch yourself grow. Happy Monday!


I’m not a teenager anymore

Earlier today, I stumbled across an album that meant a great deal to me circa 2005. Upon playing it, I transcended time and was shot back to the days where I was around 15/16. Continue reading “I’m not a teenager anymore”

No Time Like the Present

Life does not wait for anyone. Boom! Post done; you’re welcome ūüėČ

All jokes aside, I’m really getting ahold of my avoidance tactics and am facing the world come what may. I was walking my dog this morning and I realized that, scared or not, life is still happening. It was in the moment I understood that I was using fear as a catalyst¬†to hold me back.¬†Life is scary and yes it’s often easiest to run and hide under your covers and watch Duck Dynasty (everyone does this, right?), but by hiding out, there are so many things you are missing out on.

I realized that there will never be “the perfect time” to do anything. A lot of times I say to myself “if the situation were this way” or “if I only had this one thing to make me productive, I could make it work” and my favorite “if the circumstances were different”. Until¬†today, I kept thinking that the “right” moment would arrive where I could finally do everything I’ve set out to accomplish. Well guess what, that utopian world where life is perfect and you have nothing to focus on but yourself is a fantasy.

These are excuses used to rationalize my failings towards my goals. Excuses are like buttholes; everyone has one and they’re full of crap. The only thing that is standing in between me and what I want to accomplish is me. Now armed with this newfound understanding¬†I’m going to hold myself a bit more accountable. I’m not going to have 100% perfect days everyday and I’m going to accept life happens. I cannot be a twig flailing around in the wind whenever life throws something unexpected my way. Instead, I will embrace it, and keep on keeping on. I see life as an impatient train that does not wait if you are the slightest bit late; so you have to be sure and get on it. Sometimes we miss the train initially, but the cool thing is there are many¬†stops on the way. So next stop jump on and hold on for dear life, as it’s the only one we’ve got. Lastly as my grandmother would say, “Piss or get off the pot”, and on that note, I need to find a bathroom… ūüôā

I’m Free to Do What I Want…



Ok so here’s the news I’ve been wanting to share with you all!!!

I decided to quit my corporate big kid job!!

And you know what… it feels AMAZING!!!!!!!

Now granted, I’m super fortunate for the experience and the opportunities it afforded me. Not a whole lot of 22 year old kidults graduate college and land a full time gig let alone one that pays very well with a lot of perks.You’re probably wondering why the hell I would quit a job that gave me financial security/stability for the unknown

It’s quite simple… I was MISERABLE

One thing I’ve learned is that for some companies salary= slavery, I’m not kidding

When I tried having a day off I was still beholden to emails, conference calls, texts, etc. I never really had a day to myself to just unwind and be a human being. Instead, the expectation was that I was to be available all the time, anytime. And trust me when I say, it made functioning not easy You see, because I never felt like I was able to wind down, I was just frazzled, absentminded and flustered. Remembering things from 5 minutes ago let alone 5 days ago became a chore. On top of that I got lost in translation. My personality went from bubbly optimistic dreamer to boring negative hermit.

I noticed I began withdrawing from society. Instead of going out with friends I just literally bundle up in my blankets in my apartment and watch Duck Dynasty with my dog.¬†Now I’m not the only who felt this way about my job. My peers in my same position shared the same sentiments.¬†I should also mention being with the company for over a year, I was considered a veteran if that helps give you an idea about how out of sync things were.

The average “life” of a person in my position is about 3-6 months. Due to the huge time commitment (time suck) ¬†and unrealistic expectations, most people in their right minds run for the hills. I think one of the major reasons why I stuck it out for so long was pride. I didn’t want people to think I was “running away” or I couldn’t hack the pressures of the job. Honestly, I really didn’t want to be thought of as the “kid” who couldn’t handle the adult world. In retrospect, I now know that it’s not because I’m scared, but it’s not what I want to do with my life. I mean granted if I was passionate about the career I had been in, maybe the long hours and no life would be ok, but having the world’s worst boss (I’m dead serious) on top of it made it too much.

It honestly felt like a bad relationship. Too tired and frustrated to stay, but too insecure/unsure to leave. At first thinking about leaving was scary, but now as I finished my final day, I am more than ever 100% ok with my decision. It’s like I can breathe again. The world was taken off of my shoulders and I can dare to dream again. The moment I realized I needed to make a change was when I was on vacation last week. I’d noticed that I’d missed a lot of life events of my friends and loved ones because of work. I’d also realized I’m further away from what I want to do than I was when I had first started. The whole reason why I took the position was that they offer tuition assistance. What they failed to tell me was that I sold my soul when I began my employment and I wouldn’t have time to sleep let alone get a master’s degree.

So now, after all is said and done. I really want to get back into the things that give me joy. Somewhere along the lines of corporate aspirations and world domination, I lost sight of the quirky, witty, free spirit girl I used to be. I want to find that girl again. I miss her terribly.

Being that today was my last day, it was bittersweet with a cup of good ol’ sweet validation. I was given a lot of kudos today from people that I least expected. The early on doubters of my capabilities ended wishing me well! I have to tell you it was one of the most humbling experiences.

The biggest take away for me is that money isn’t everything. Money is useful and nice to have; but money doesn’t make you laugh. You cannot recall past events or reminisce with money. Money will never ask how your day was or listen when you’re having a crappy one.

Now that I am a bum, there will be more blogging on my part. I refuse to give an estimate because we all know I lie. Also I’ll get back to discovering what makes me tick. For the better part of almost 2 years I’ve put “me” to the wayside. In the words of Mick Jagger, “I’m free to do what I want, any ol’ time”!