Strategic Sunday Pt. 7: Finding My Rhythm


I secretly wish we could learn things like Neo and company did in the Matrix. The first thing on my list would be to download “time management” in my brain. Within seconds I’d be a master at prioritizing the to-do list of my life.


Since that’s not in the cards, I am learning to find balance between work and life. It’s not an easy feat seeing as I’m a habitual over-thinker who can’t seem to shut off her brain at times. That said, I have indulged in a few pastimes like taking Abbey to the park and crocheting. In fact I’m working on a few blankets as everyone I know seems to be pregnant (I’m not sure what’s in the water but I’m sure as hell not drinking it).

For now, my biggest focus for this week is:

  • Blogging regularly
  • Finishing projects before the deadline
  • Exercising
  • Reading!

So that’s what’s on the docket for now. I hope everyone has a swell Sunday and a wonderful week! 🙂

Tante Pose / Slouchy Crocheted Beanie

I’ve started a new beanie pattern that I’ve found on Ravelry. I absolutely love wearing beanies as I’m super lazy and seldom feel like straightening my hair. Plus they are totally comfy and pretty versatile for the most part. I actually started crocheting a few years ago after a lovely basketball knee injury forced me to the sidelines. To pass the time I picked up crochet and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Now that I have a good amount of time on my hands, I feel like it’s a good opportunity for me to pick it back up.

Slouchy beanies are a favorite of mine. I’ve made dozens over the years and gave away a few as presents. One of these days I’ll upload some of my nifty little creations. I found this pattern called Tante Pose and not only is it super adorable, the pattern is quite easy to follow. Since I’ve been out of the crochet game for a minute, it’ll be a nice transition. Below is the photo of the designer as well as a link to her blog. I’ll be sure to post my progress with you all from time to time. 🙂



Take a Break If You Need One

I’ll admit it, when I get into something new, I tend to obsess, be it work, reading, or Starbucks ;-). So on my freelance journey, nothing really has changed. I think I’m so desperate to prove to myself that I can do this, I often take on a bunch of projects all at once, and will work furiously to make sure they are completed as quickly as I’ve accepted them. The problem lies in the fact that I often neglect myself whenever I’m engaged in my obsessive endeavors.

Today for example, about 30 minutes ago, I was lightheaded and dizzy. At first I thought it was an onset of an anxiety attack. Upon further speculation, I realized that I hadn’t eaten since 8am this morning. It was about 1:45 pm when I had realized this. After scarfing down a Cara Cara orange (If you’ve never had one, I highly recommend them as they are delicious) I feel a million times better.

I also came to the realization that I need to take a break from working and get away from my computer screen for a bit. With that being said, I’m going to go crochet for awhile. I’m actually pretty good at making beanies, and I’ve found a super adorable pattern on Ravelry. I’ll be sure to do a post on that a little later. I suppose the takeaway is, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a breather, and just unplug. When you’re up to it, just go back to the task at hand. Your brain and nerves will thank you. 🙂