Oh Social Media; How You’ve Ruined Me

Social Media is the beer goggles of people’s lives. A person’s life is a 3 in reality; add a filter, it becomes a 10.

Social Media is like the porn of real life. It’s doesn’t show all the gross stuff, just the “finished product” which in itself is nowhere near the real thing.

Don’t believe me? Look at your friends’ pins on Pinterest, their statuses on Facebook, their photos on Instagram, or their posts on Tumblr.

To be fair, these apps allow us to capture great moments of our lives and to hold on to them. They also create this sickening nostalgia that makes people believe that everyone else is better off than they are. We’ve created a vortex “anywhere but here” or “why not me?”. We are constantly in comparison with each other whether it’s intentional or not. I for one am definitely guilty. Let’s be honest, how much time do you spend trying to get the perfect shot to put on some social media site instead of actually enjoying the experience itself? If I had a $1 for every nostalgic quote or super snazzy photo that I’ve come across (or have done myself) on a daily basis, I could prolong being a bum for an eternity.


– Here’s a photo that I took in San Diego. Worry free TJ living it up. What you don’t know is that I was stuck on conference calls and dealing with my maniac boss on the majority of my stay and that I was miserable. Such a perfect life, go on, envy me.

I always hear that “millennials are self indulgent and are never happy with what they have. Well, if older generations had the same technology to connect and interact with people all over the world when they were younger, do you really think they’d be any different? I think not.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I’ve noticed that I have been caught up in this cycle. Being 20 something and still figuring it out with every step that I take, it’s easy to look at a bunch of filtered photos and super positive status updates and feel like the world is in on something that I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly fortunate to have been able to take that picture in San Diego and to have even gone. I’m just merely pointing out that not everything is as it seems.

My new goal for myself is to take a chill pill on being caught up with social media and actually give this “real life” bit a shot. Of course I’ll still blog and use these apps, but in moderation. I don’t hate social media, in fact I think it’s a great tool. I mean for me to be able to talk to someone across the country let alone the world in real time, it’s incredible! However with great technology comes great responsibility (You can thank Uncle Ben for that one… hehe). Bottom line is no one person’s life is perfect, no matter how many filters or philosophical quotes they put on it. Especially me, I don’t have all the answers (Kanye’s rant at Sway came to mind as I wrote that, lol), and I certainly don’t pretend to. Everybody poops; and chances are it is smelly 😉



What the Hell Did I Just Watch


I like my fair share of guilty pleasure IQ dropping TV shows. But what I’m watching now definitely takes the cake. If you haven’t heard of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, I suggest you make your way to Google right now. This show is in the same vein of Rich Kids of Instagram, which displays teenagers and early 20 somethings showing off their wildly outlandish lifestyles. Cars, shoes, clothing, anything you can drop a lot of money on they’re all about it.

Generally I find shows like these pretty fascinating. It’s interesting to see how these types of kids live. Granted they spend more money on a single item than I did on my entire college tuition. More often than not TV producers expertly spin these types of “reality shows” into something mildly entertaining while keeping the audience of more humbler means with a twinge of envy. #Richkids of Beverly Hills was so far off the beaten path it’s not even funny.

Picture 2 girls in their Mid-20s with nasally high pitched voices and underlying insecurity issues and Bam! You’ve got a show. Using terms like “funemployed” and “fabuluxe” you get the sense that these girls definitely do not understand the meaning of work. The true problem with the show is that its main characters are incredibly painful to watch. I don’t expect depth and good story lines but all in all they come off as boring and uninteresting. Yes, you spend a shit ton of money, and yes your life is fabulous YAWNNNN I’d rather watch someone getting their back waxed.

Anything would be more interesting really. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy mindless TV as much as the next person but dammit, keep my interest for at least 5.2 seconds. What makes it worse is that the creators of the show decided to bombard the viewers with faux texts and cheesy imagery. Not to mention all of the iPhone message sounds going on throughout the background. Between my actual phone going off due to work emails and my mother texting me coupled with the show, things definitely got confusing. For that, I’d recommend not watching on your computer, especially if you have a Mac.

The most amazing and ridiculous part of the show that almost made it worth my viewership was Jonathan the  gay musician. Dorothy decides to do a blood drive and due to him being gay, he is not allowed to participate. He immediately becomes offended and goes on a rampage insinuating that Dorothy is homophobic for supporting the “anti-gay” cause. Now, pump your brakes, I’m not saying I’m unsympathetic to his plight. With that being said, it is pretty comical to see him deem the American Association of Blood Banks homophobic. To add insult to injury he literally calls his best friend a homophobic bitch. Oy Vey on to Ms. Morgan.

Morgan is this crazy blonde with a tiny waist and big boobs (her words not mine). She is enlisting her boyfriend Brendan to help set up Dorothy. Dorothy goes on a mega-list on what her criteria is for the guy she wants to date. In shallow girl fashion, all of her requirements are physical and superficial. Brendan counters that you’re not going to find “everything”  in your partner (which is actually legit advice) in which Morgan promptly questions (rather threateningly) him if he thinks she is perfect. Now Brendan seems like he has some common sense so what he sees in this girl, I dunno. Maybe later on he will prove to be just as vapid. Anyway, so in crazy girl fashion this little remark that Brendan made ended of being discussed by Morgan and her mom (which she refers to as Susan). Her mother actually gives some sound advice which Morgan dismisses commenting that she will not be as annoying to her kids. Morgan actually revisits the conversation with Brendan insisting that he was drunk and stupid for saying it in the first place (insecure much?).

The show lasted for 43 minutes, 20 minutes too long in my opinion.  Frankly they should have cut it down to 25 at the max because all of the drama and content was not enough to sustain for that long. Bottom line is that there was too much time given to the 2 main girls (there were some supporting characters that seemed somewhat interesting but were not given much airtime). Develop the other characters and there may be something there. I was definitely disappointed because I thought I’d found another guilty pleasure show. Instead we have a mediocre show that caters to two boring not so intelligent adults who spend their days acting like teenagers. Personally I don’t think the show gives enough attention to the mass amounts of wealth being spent that could sustain 3rd world countries. Great job E! you’ve done it again. Lastly, I have another suggestion on what Twiddle dee and Twiddle dumb can spend their money on; my student loans. Just a thought ;-). 





I Left My Heart In San Diego

Ok, so that’s not the actual song title (San Francisco), but the sentiment remains the same! I’m back in Satan’s butt crack (I laugh every time I write that) super rejuvenated from my little excursion.  San Diego, specifically Pacific Beach, was a much needed shock to the system. Every time I come back to my home state, it’s like I’m recharging my batteries! I feel like a better person (dramatic much?).  Plus the gorgeous SD weather was everything I hoped for and then some.


– Me driving into town on Friday

I checked out the local bar scene while I was in Pacific Beach. If you’re ever there, I highly recommend Duck Dive. That place was amazing! Great environment and the outside patio was great for checking out the local talent (a.k.a hot dudes). For those who have never visited San Diego (or California for that matter) 8.9/10 guys are ridiculously beautiful. I mean just stop what you’re doing and stare ostentatiously  gorgeous men (And they say women aren’t visual). Anyway, back to the point, the scenery was just breathtaking and I couldn’t get enough of it.


-Sunset Friday evening

While the scenery was amazing, it was great to catch up with my good friend Toni. I told her that I secretly hated/envied her for living a stone’s throw away from the beach!  As I’ve complained about (a lot) I rarely get down time, it was nice to be a regular person for two days. We had a good time laughing about life and how crazy everything has turned out thus far. In our senior AP English class, our teacher told us to imagine where we’d be in 5 years. 7 years later, I can whole heartedly tell you my journey to date looks absolutely nothing like I had imagined it. Though, I cannot complain as to where it has gotten me either.


-Pier Saturday evening

Another great thing about San Diego is Ikea!!! I love love love Ikea and I am severely disappointed to not have one here. We have prostitutes and gambling but no Ikea, get it together Vegas! Saturday I spent quite some time perusing the aisles and looking at amazing things to furnish my place with. I’m going to need at least 16,000 sq. ft. in my future home to satisfy my interior decor needs. Time to find a sugar daddy… 😉 Anywho, my mini trip was just what the doctor order and I enjoyed every minute. I hope everyone’s weekend was just as enjoyable as mine. Happy Monday!

Image-Until next time PB!