Stop Thinking, Start Doing

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

That quote is on a magnet that I put on my fridge about a year ago. When I bought it, my thought was I’d see it everyday when I pulled out my creamer for my coffee then magically become motivated to test my limits. The reality is, that most times I don’t even look at that magnet, nor do I venture out into unknown territory often. I ran into my neighbor again this morning as I was finishing my walk with Abbey. Honestly every time I see her I really do believe that sometimes things do happen for a reason. This morning was no different.

Last week, I had been struggling to progress with my freelance writing. I’ve been meaning to update my LinkedIn profile and put of samples of my work. The actual task of updating my profile is quite simple. You just have to update your career and upload some documents and Presto! You’re in business. If it’s so easy to do that, you’re probably wondering why on earth have I not done so? The simple answer is that, I’m scared to put my stuff out there. Once I hit that submit button, my hopes, fears, aspirations, are available to the world to do with whatever they choose. That type of vulnerability is terrifying to me. Granted, I realized that one of my key points in my post 2 weeks ago. I can’t very well encourage you all to be vulnerable if I’m not willing to do so myself, now can I?

Talking it out with my neighbor made me realize how much I hold myself back. My mind was working in “negative thought” overdrive. By holding onto negative thoughts and promoting self-doubt. I’ve talked myself out of doing simple tasks for fear of being judged. When I got home, I took a good look in the mirror and I’m resolving to make a change. I need to tear down the walls that I’ve built up and just get on with it. I am challenging myself to get out of my head and start living presently. And since it’s the beginning of the month, the timing couldn’t be better.

June is the month where I break out and really challenge myself both personally and professionally. I will update my LinkedIn profile and get over the fear of judgement. After all, in order to succeed, you have to start. In order to keep myself accountable, I’ll check in with my progress here and give an¬†honest update with how it’s all going. My hope is that you’ll join me and stretch your minds to conquer whatever holds you back this month. Here’s to a growth-filled June. ūüôā

vulnerability power boat


Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Live on Forever

This time the old¬†adage¬†is not true; words really do hurt. Especially if you know your opponent’s insecurities. It has always been funny to me when people tell you to “brush things off” or “don’t let it get to you”. Uh, if I knew how to do that, don’t you think that would be the first thing I’d do? It’s not like I want to sit and feel the sting of someone’s words over a long period of time. I’m not a¬†masochist by any means.¬†Given the right combination of words, they can leave a gaping¬†subconscious¬†wound that goes right for the jugular. In my opinion, taking a punch to the face is a hell of a lot easier than taking a verbal tongue lashing. Bruises on your skin heal more quickly than bruises to your ego.

I know that the “sticks and stones” mantra comes from a good place. It is meant to inspire the disenfranchised to believe that the only power others have is the power that we give them. I do agree, however they forgot one little symbol in that equation:¬†time.It takes time to heal for verbal wounds. Ok, there may be some who are coated in teflon (good for you, I secretly hate/envy you). But for the rest of us mere mortals, words do hurt; and forgive and forget is easier said than done.