Men of a Certain Age

I feel I should preface this by saying I don’t have “daddy issues”. In fact, my pops and I talk daily (just got off the phone with him actually). With that being said, let’s start the show!

I’ve had many interesting encounters with all kinds of people (I sense a book coming on, lol), but I find my interactions with random dudes to be the most interesting. I find that out of the XY chromosomal species I’ve ever had a random conversation with, men in their 30s+ hold way more interesting conversations. Don’t get me wrong, I still have love for the dudes in my age group, but man, interpersonal skills are few and far in between in my limited opinion/experience.


(Commonwealth, best bar in LV, in my opinion)

Case in point, I was sitting in my favorite bar in downtown Vegas, called Commonwealth, and a guy around my age plops down next to me and says “My place or yours?”. At first I thought he was kidding, but he was legit being serious. Really not a good conversation starter. To be quite honest, I have no clue why anyone would think to lead with that. There’s been other interesting instances, but in general it’s been awkward.


Maybe it’s because older dudes have more experience communicating or maybe they’re more self-assured. Who knows, but I find it that the conversation is more fluid and less awkward. Anywho, my fellow bloggers out there, do you think men are like a fine wine? Better with age that is, haha! Let me know. In the meantime, enjoy a short list of men of a certain age whom I admire (stalk… erm well, you get the idea).

download (6)

(RDJ, proof that aging is wonderful)

download (5)

(Idris Elba)

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(Michael Fassbender, ok guys I’m moving to the UK!)

How to Procrastinate Like a Rockstar

Step 1: Think of the task that you’re supposed to be doing

Step 2: Go to the local Starbucks with the intention of doing said task

Step 3: Order a highly caffeinated beverage that will render you incapable of doing anything productive

Step 4: Take a million of those nifty quizzes on buzzfeed

Step 5: Creep on all the hot middle aged men in Starbucks

Step 6: Text all your girlfriends about said buffet of hot middle aged men

Step 7: Play the Facebook version of Tetris and conquer all who are in your way

Step 8: Revisit said task and have a quick thoughtful moment on how to accomplish it

Step 9: Look at the Lollapolooza set list and contemplate if you will pony up the cash to go this year

Step 10: Think about carbs and how you want to stuff your face with a bowl of pasta

Step 11: Realize said task is not going to get done

Step 12: Creep on any potential hot dudes in Starbucks

Step 13: Look away when getting caught scamming on dudes

Step 14: Take an “artsy” photo of your stuff in Starbucks

Step 15: Post said photo on all social media sites

Step 16: Enjoy the outpour of likes said photo receives

Step 17: Contemplate becoming a photographer for 2 seconds

Step 18: Avoid thinking about what you’re supposed to be doing at all costs

Step 19: You realize that Starbucks may not be the best place to get stuff done

Step 20: Go home and figure out how you’re going to finish said task




Said Artsy Photo