Catfish Confessions

Some people think the grass is greener on the other side. Others so much so they rather pretend to be on said greener grass. This morning, I woke up particularly late at 7:30 am (I usually get up at 5:30). Groggily I turn on my coffeemaker and begin looking at my email. After sifting through revision requests and junk mail, I turn to my twitter to shamelessly tweet about my need for coffee. It was then that I found about my doppelgänger. Someone please put me on MTV, haha!


I never thought I’d be involved in a Catfish scenario, but here we are. As I was adding my photo of my coffee (which in hindsight sounds so narcissistic), my twitter handle @Tarynwrites89 popped up. As I started deleting the handle, another twitter handle by the name of @Tarynwrites89x appeared. To my shock and surprise, it had my photo with the name Mindy Kaling on it. Out of creepy curiosity, I tapped on it and what happened next was humorously eerie.


(The fake twitter account)

Someone took my photo, quote and linked to my blog on their twitter account! How freaking weird is that? While I’ve heard of people pretending to be other people, I never thought anyone would want to be me, haha! In a weird way, I’m kind of flattered. It’s not everyday you find an alternate version of yourself living in New York. I did reach out to this individual to ask them to kindly take down my photo and blog. Hopefully they are nice enough to do so. But I am curious, does anyone else have a catfish story? I’d love to hear about it. Maybe we all can be on the show! 😉