Where the heck have I been?!!!

So I started this blog with the expectation that I would be writing pretty consistently, and I straight up have failed. Not intentionally of course but still, all I can offer up are some meager excuses. So like a game show host: “Let’s bring them on down!”

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“Starting with contestant #1, we have self deprecation and avoidance! This lovely little charmer has left our dear blogger, Taryn in a pensive and anxiety ridden state, rendering her almost useless hiding under the covers with her pup, Abbey, in a bottom of the Netflix bottle. You’ve heard it here first folks she’s been avoiding life!”

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(8 seasons of House, anyone?!)


Ok ok, writing like that was getting annoying so back to first person! So yes, I’ve been struggling with moving forward in more ways than one, but I am proud to say that I have been made strides to becoming a professional “Life Ass Kicker”! 2nd on my list of absenteeism is that fact that I’ve been making friends at a record rate! That and some college friends were in town. I got a chance to see Seether downtown for free while sippin’ on some $10 vodka from the back of my trunk (God bless open container laws in Vegas). It tasted absolutely vile, but it was a throwback to the college days where I had to depend on others to get alcohol for me. As fun as the night was, nostalgia doesn’t taste so good the next morning. Since then, I’ve vowed to never drink cheap vodka again. I like to believe my liver is rejoicing from that decision.



(Drinking + Being far away= crappy photos)



Anywho, I’ve also been MIA due to a lovely trip to Monterey to see my parents. I’m fortunate to have really caring and supportive parents who noticed that I’ve been a little blue. So randomly they sent me a ticket and whisked me away to Monterey for a whole week and boy was it glorious! I cannot say enough awesome things about that place. I never thought that Central California had anything to offer other than produce and farm animals. I am glad to say that my ignorance was disproven, ten fold.

My dad as my tour guide, I went from Carmel, to Capitola in one day and I was just amazed at how beautiful, calm, and serene it all was. Carmel is super posh and quaint, I’m going to have to marry an old rich man to get a residence there eventually, haha! We saw the car show while passing through. Everywhere you turn it’s all just super scenic.


(The sand was so cool at Pebble Beach!)

I have to say, Capitola was one of my favorite new discoveries to date. It reminds me of Santa Monica (My favorite place ever!) but way more chill. The traffic isn’t nearly as gnarly and it had such a good all around chill vibe. It has me thinking maybe SoCal isn’t my premier destination after all. Oh well, I’ll figure it out sooner than later.

IMG_2070 IMG_2066


(Kickin’ back in Capitola, and they had a cool telephone booth too!)

My absolute favorite part of the trip was just spending time with my parents. I am seriously willing to wager that I have the best parents ever! Honestly, they’re two people I never get tired of hanging out with. Not because they’re my parents, but they happen to be pretty hilarious and know how to have a good time. I suppose that’s why I like to nag them as often as possible. My mom took me to this place called Moss Landing, and it’s this really cool overcast beach where you can go whale, dolphin, seal, sea otter watching. I fell in love with the place! Next time I go, I’ll bring some writing things with me as it seems to be the PERFECT place to just get stuff done. My dad took me back out there to go kayaking! It was my first time and I had an absolute blast! It is a hell of a workout though, so I ended up falling asleep on the couch right next to my dad. Going to Monterey was such a fun and wonderful experience. Despite being there for a whole week it felt like a day or two. Rest assured I’ll be back sooner than later.


(Moss Landing, Kayaking with my dad, and my mom took photo evidence of our napping, haha!)


So there you have it folks! The reasons why I’ve been a quiet little church mouse. Don’t worry though, I seem to be getting back into the groove of my writing so I have more nifty stories to share with you! Until then, stay caffeinated my friends! 🙂


Family Time

I took a little break from the internets mainly because I went to Monterey to visit my parents and surprise my dad for his birthday. I decided to leave my laptop home and unplug while enjoying some family time. It was incredibly nice to see the ‘rents, though it was hard as it was the first time visiting without Kobe.



-Fisherman’s Wharf

Though the flight from Las Vegas to Monterey is only 1 hour, one can expect it to take about 3 when traveling with Allegiant Air. Right in the middle of take off, they all of a sudden break and we are immediately escorted off the plane. With no clear reason as to why, we had to wait almost 2 hours for another plane. Upon boarding sister asked the flight attendant why we had to switch planes in the first place. The attendant responded with “Be glad that we did” and that was all. They really should change their motto to “Allegiant Air: We’ll get you there… at some point”. A word to the wise, give yourself a 6 hour window when traveling with Allegiant.



– Window seat!

For my dad’s birthday, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and it was awesome! I never thought I liked aquariums (I was wrong). I suppose trying new things isn’t so bad 😉


-Monterey Bay Aquarium





– One of the coolest looking jellyfish I saw that day




-Octopus taking off



-Fun times at the aquarium!

It’s nice visiting my parents. They’re actually pretty cool peeps. I’m very lucky to have them because they’re so legit. Even when growing up doing my “angst” years, I never really had any parental “drama”. I think it’s because they’ve always been straight up with me and my siblings, I’ve never really saw the need to rebel or alienate them. Plus they’ve always given me the autonomy to be myself whether they understood my actions or not. Anywho, it was a really nice break from Satan’s buttcrack, though I must admit the weather has been nothing short of amazing here in Las Vegas. Let’s hope it stays that way for a few more months. It was a very nice visit and I’ll probably head back sooner than later (the perks of being a bum). Now that I’ve had a little digital break, it’s time to get back into the swing of things!


-On the way to the airport


-Getting ready to take off


-In the air


-Back in Vegas