Tabula Rasa


My mom always says, “We plan, and God laughs”. Boy does that statement resonate with me more than ever.

I’m at a pivotal point in my life where I’m learning the art of resilience and looking at life’s challenges as opportunities rather than signs of doom. It’s no secret that change and uncertainty are two things I’ve come to dread, but now I’m finding that the unknown is slowly becoming an old friend that I can depend on.

With that, I’m exercising faith that by stepping into new endeavors, things will workout, whether I can foresee the outcome or not. So here’s to embracing the curve balls and alternate endings of life and to all the new adventures they will lead us to. 🙂


This one’s for my homies

To all my fellow humans who are going through tough times, feeling down and out, and just plain feeling defeated, this one is for you. Since I missed my Motivation Monday: Quote of the Day, I will leave you with my favorite inspirational song. If you remember the 90s, you’ll get a kick out of it! So here’s to you, the disenfranchised, here’s to looking up! “We’ll be singing, when we’re winning”. 🙂

Strategic Sunday Pt. 6: Good Vibes

This past week has been a great one! I’ve taken on some new projects that I’m absolutely excited about. I love that I enjoy the subject matter I’m writing on. Continue reading “Strategic Sunday Pt. 6: Good Vibes”

Right side of the Bed

I woke up today feeling ridiculously optimistic. (Now I know it’s probably because I got more than 4 hours of sleep, but I’m going to blame this happiness on something else.)  I have this sense of everything being right in the world today. I got out of bed, opened my curtains and took in the gorgeous view. My morning coffee was just right, my apartment is the cleanest it’s ever been, and I just plain feel fantastic! 

It’s so easy to look at what I “don’t have” and focus on the improvements that I need to make; as a therapist once told me, the should’ve, would’ve, could’ves. But not today! I’m going to revel in the beauty of today and how gorgeous it is. I actually almost want to play hooky at work and frolic in the sunshine!

Alas, I still have responsibilities that I cannot shirk, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do them with a smile on my face! I plan on infecting the people I come into contact today with my great mood! I hope everyone else has a great day too!