I cannot be trusted…

…to keep my word on consistently blogging.

I promise you that it’s not intentional. There are days where my fingers effortlessly gloss over my keys, writing carefully thought out prose for you to happily ingest (those are my narcissist days). On the flip side, I have my days where my ego is shot, I’m moody, and hopelessly confused on what it is that I want to share with the world (I attribute this to shitty eating, lack of sleep, and misspending of funds).


I have a tendency of being hot or cold emotionally. I’m either all or nothing– which makes for inconsistent everything. Of course there’s no magic pill that will magically make me super organized (unless you know of one, then please share the love!). I will say that I am making the conscientious effort to change my ways. “Evolve or die” is my new motto for both life and work. While I make no promises on how quickly I conform to this new found perspective, rest assured that I will do my best to keep you entertained with my latest shenanigans. But, just in case you get your hopes up, see the photo below. ūüėČ


P.S. I started using Tinder again… stay tuned! ūüôā

The Truth About Working out of a Starbucks

Am I the only person who can’t do anything productive at home? I mean, I may have a deadline for an article, but you’ll be sooner to find me vacuuming, cleaning my room or taking the dog to the park before I actually get to an assignment. It’s completely terrible, I know. So to ensure I get some¬†work done, I usually opt to go to Sbux.

I am fortunate because the Starbucks I frequent happens to be over 2000 sq. ft. and is open 24/7, score! The problem though is that it is always¬†busy and at times difficult to get a good spot with access to an outlet. However, now that UNLV is back in session, it’s not so bad. So recently, I’ve had no trouble picking a prime spot and hanging out for a few hours while I perfect my literary genius (I.E. judge my writing to death while silently deal with anxiety attacks).


-My usual set up

One of the many reasons why I love coming to this particular location (besides being open forever) is that it is totally prime for people watching. Usually I can do it from a distance, but sometimes I get stuck next to some weirdo. It doesn’t help that I have one of those, “hey come talk to me, I won’t¬†judge” faces. Seriously, I can tell you dozens of times when strangers have just confided in me for no particular reason. I’m like a traveling priest or something. Anywho, I digress.

So today, I was able to secure a corner spot. In this location, it’s like a bench style area with about 8 desks all with outlets around them. It’s quite convenient and a great use of space, in my opinion. To add on to my delight the next two seats were empty next to me; which meant I could be a douche and spread my books around (on a side note, I am in desperate need of an office). Life was good for the first hour or so, that is, until he came along.

This dude politely comes up and asks if the seat next to me was taken. I smiled politely and said no and proceeded to move my things. I don’t have a problem with people sitting next to me so I was cool at that point. Then after ordering his drink, he sits down and does his own thing. The spaces are a bit small, but I didn’t mind because he wasn’t doing anything weird. Until he took his flip flops off and stuck his bare feet on the bench only a mere inches away from me, to my dismay.


-For the love of humanity, why?!?!?!?

To be clear, feet creep me out. Especially if I don’t know you. I don’t know your cleaning habits. What if you’re a shower abstainer? What if you have Athlete’s foot?! You just never know. Plus, how do you get comfortable putting your feet on communal space?! I just don’t get it. But I guess this is the chance I take when working in a public setting. Though I love Starbucks, Vegas sure does bring the¬†weird¬†out of people.

So now, I’m sitting here trying to keep my mind off of the toes that are right next to me. As you can tell, I’m not succeeding, lol. Oh, before I forget, I will be talking about where the heck I’ve been for that past month or so. I have some fun things to share with you, so at some point I will get around to writing them. Until then, have a great rest of the day!

How to Procrastinate Like a Rockstar

Step 1: Think of the task that you’re supposed to be doing

Step 2: Go to the local Starbucks with the intention of doing said task

Step 3: Order a highly caffeinated beverage that will render you incapable of doing anything productive

Step 4: Take a million of those nifty quizzes on buzzfeed

Step 5: Creep on all the hot middle aged men in Starbucks

Step 6: Text all your girlfriends about said buffet of hot middle aged men

Step 7: Play the Facebook version of Tetris and conquer all who are in your way

Step 8: Revisit said task and have a quick thoughtful moment on how to accomplish it

Step 9: Look at the Lollapolooza set list and contemplate if you will pony up the cash to go this year

Step 10: Think about carbs and how you want to stuff your face with a bowl of pasta

Step 11: Realize said task is not going to get done

Step 12: Creep on any potential hot dudes in Starbucks

Step 13: Look away when getting caught scamming on dudes

Step 14: Take an “artsy” photo of your stuff in Starbucks

Step 15: Post said photo on all social media sites

Step 16: Enjoy the outpour of likes said photo receives

Step 17: Contemplate becoming a photographer for 2 seconds

Step 18: Avoid thinking about what you’re supposed to be doing at all costs

Step 19: You realize that Starbucks may not be the best place to get stuff done

Step 20: Go home and figure out how you’re going to finish said task




Said Artsy Photo

Confessions of a Creeper

I love to people watch. No, I’m not talking about squatting in the bushes eerily watching my neighbor drop trou. I mean in public settings like coffee houses (Starbucks, let’s be honest) and such. It’s interesting watching people interact with one another. One instance in particular that just occurred was especially entertaining.

I’m sitting in Starbucks trying to work on my “Labor of Love”¬†and I come across this middle aged man ranting on emphatically about the 49ers. He was pacing the floor going on about a bet or something, I wasn’t interesting with his conversation, his bright teal button down made it hard for me not to see him. Anyway, I digress, what made this interesting were the two collegiate girls eyeing the table he was pacing around. I probably should mention that the girls were very attractive.

So strange teal shirt dude notices the two girls in need of the table and he so graciously motions for them to come over to sit down since he’s not using it. In creepy old dude fashion he lingers and begins asking them questions about some arbitrary assignment they’re working on. The girls were polite but they had those really tight smiles on their faces which anyone who was watching this catastrophe go down could see from miles away.

He then tries to find some common ground with them on their assignment, what that was I couldn’t tell you. I was more enjoying the body language the girls were displaying to the old dude to really give my full attention to what he was sputtering on about. The ordeal reminded me of a time that happened to me some years ago. I wonder if older men understand how creepy they come off when they’re trying to hit on someone who could legitimately be the age of their daughter. To make this even more comical was that a guy at a table on the other side of the calamity was watching the creepy old dude unsuccessfully hitting on the girls also.¬†

¬†I really can’t tell you why I love watching the interactions of others. It’s just fascinating I suppose, and probably an easy way to put aside what I was really supposed to be doing. Procrastination dies hard I guess. Who else likes to people watch? I can’t be the only weird out there ;-). Also, I have some very big news to share this coming Friday. Stay tuned!






Consistently Inconsistent

  • So a few posts ago (about a month back) I promised that I’d write a billion posts about my mis/adventures during my hiatus
  • I Lied
  • So now that I have some free time, I shall continue that endeavor¬†
  • I leave no ETA of my completion because let’s be honest the term “deadline” doesn’t really mean much to me
  • Let the blogging commence!¬†




Getting My Shit Together

I’m a procrastinator; I fully take responsibility for that. Up until recently, I was a successful one. That sounds¬†ludicrous but hear me out. All during my academia period, I was able to load up on Starbucks and bust out any assignment (be it a paper, math¬†equations, etc.) literally hours before it was due. Maybe it was the thrill of the “do or die” experience, but procrastination was my friend. ¬†Plus I never really had any backlash from it.

On top of being a procrastinator, I’m incredibly charismatic. For some reason, my professors, bosses, friends’ parents all seem to think I was awesome. So I was able to charm my way into getting things done, or if I was a little¬†late professors would give me the benefit of the doubt. ¬†I was having my cake and eating it too.¬†That is, until recently when reality bitch slapped me in the face.

When I entered the “adult world”, ie a fulltime job, my procrastination skills began to rear their ugly head. All of a sudden, my lack of preparation and preference of turning things in late were not acceptable. (No matter how cute my smile or “legit” my excuse was. For the first time I was being held accountable for my irresponsibility and I did not like it at all. I began experiencing stress, fear, anxiety, and I just became frozen. Whenever I needed to get something on a deadline I would just freeze and do nothing. It really brought me down.

Recently, I decided to get in gear and start making a schedule for myself. I now have a white board that has my entire schedule for the day. It took me a bit to commit but for the past week, I have been following it religiously. I have to admit it feels amazing¬†to be on top of everything. I really like being able to end the day knowing that I accomplished what I set out to do. I also do things better because I took the time to do it right instead of doing a rush job. So here’s to putting procrastination aside and being organized!