Catfish Confessions

Some people think the grass is greener on the other side. Others so much so they rather pretend to be on said greener grass. This morning, I woke up particularly late at 7:30 am (I usually get up at 5:30). Groggily I turn on my coffeemaker and begin looking at my email. After sifting through revision requests and junk mail, I turn to my twitter to shamelessly tweet about my need for coffee. It was then that I found about my doppelgänger. Someone please put me on MTV, haha!


I never thought I’d be involved in a Catfish scenario, but here we are. As I was adding my photo of my coffee (which in hindsight sounds so narcissistic), my twitter handle @Tarynwrites89 popped up. As I started deleting the handle, another twitter handle by the name of @Tarynwrites89x appeared. To my shock and surprise, it had my photo with the name Mindy Kaling on it. Out of creepy curiosity, I tapped on it and what happened next was humorously eerie.


(The fake twitter account)

Someone took my photo, quote and linked to my blog on their twitter account! How freaking weird is that? While I’ve heard of people pretending to be other people, I never thought anyone would want to be me, haha! In a weird way, I’m kind of flattered. It’s not everyday you find an alternate version of yourself living in New York. I did reach out to this individual to ask them to kindly take down my photo and blog. Hopefully they are nice enough to do so. But I am curious, does anyone else have a catfish story? I’d love to hear about it. Maybe we all can be on the show! 😉


3 of the Worst PR Fails in 2014

Celebrities and people with considerable authority are human, which means they make mistakes. Fortunately for them, most have the financial means and common sense to hire PR teams to help make them appear more intelligent than they are. In layman’s terms, PR firms are there to put the fires out when our precious idols/constituents fall from glory. Most of the time these unsung heroes get the job done and quite well, I might add. However, there are times when even the best laid plans fall flat on their faces. So here are the 3 most laughably terrible PR fails of this year.

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NYPD Twitter

Earlier this year, the NYPD took to twitter to help scurry up some goodwill for their department. For those who don’t know, it can be said that they (NYPD) definitely do not sit at the popular table in school. In an effort to get some city love, the department asked New Yorkers to post photos of their encounters with the police to twitter with the hashtag, #myNYPD. Instead of getting the love they so desired, the NYPD twitter account was trolled with photos of police brutality. With their less than friendly reputation, it’s hard to believe they didn’t see that one coming.

NYPD-Twitter-Hashtag-2 ZxKgE.AuSt_.7

(Protect and serve!)

Robin Thicke Q&A Session

Between his marital woes, horrible song lyrics (that he allegedly did not create), and creepy VMA performances, you’d think this dude would keep his head low, or at least have a PR team to tell him to STFU, but Robin Thicke is that gift that keeps on giving. The music channel VH1 asked their twitter fans to join them in a Robin Thicke Q&A using the hashtag #AskThicke. With his popularity in the toilet, how on earth did they think this was a good idea? Right out the gate, Thicke was hit hard with scathing questions about his marriage, music, and overall douchebaggery and it was quite the sight.


Sam Pepper’s “Social Experiment”

Youtuber Sam Pepper is infamous for his grotesque and frankly sexual assault-ridden pranks. He’s done everything from lassoing girls to creepily asking girls for kisses on camera. This guy is a grade A garbage and yet, millions of people follow him. It wasn’t until his recent “prank” which occurred a few days ago, that landed him in some serious hot water. Pepper went around asking girls for directions while secretly pinching their butts.  In the video (which was taken down) these girls were visibly uncomfortable and were not happy at all. Pepper’s prank was met with some serious criticism from fellow Youtubers which led to a campaign to get his video off of YouTube. Facing a ton of negative press Pepper hastily puts up another video (which was taken down also) of a woman grabbing men’s butts (as if that’s ok too). To add icing on the cake, he goes on to make a third and final video where he justifies his social experiment by explaining that men deal with sexual harassment too and that it’s underreported. He even goes on to say that the latter two videos were done with consent (but offers no proof) and it was all in the matter of bringing awareness to men’s plights with harassment. Some of his followers bought his poorly constructed explanation, but others quickly pointed out the inconsistencies in his execution. Either way, it was one of the worst covers up to happen this year.



Moral of the story is that social media can be a tricky thing to navigate, especially if you are lacking in the intelligence department. Furthermore, it’s best to get a good set of eyes to ensure your “well thought” plan doesn’t backfire. Lastly if you did have a PR team backing your idiocy, you should fire them promptly and seek better council. What other PR disasters occurred this year? Let me know! 🙂

Oh Social Media; How You’ve Ruined Me

Social Media is the beer goggles of people’s lives. A person’s life is a 3 in reality; add a filter, it becomes a 10.

Social Media is like the porn of real life. It’s doesn’t show all the gross stuff, just the “finished product” which in itself is nowhere near the real thing.

Don’t believe me? Look at your friends’ pins on Pinterest, their statuses on Facebook, their photos on Instagram, or their posts on Tumblr.

To be fair, these apps allow us to capture great moments of our lives and to hold on to them. They also create this sickening nostalgia that makes people believe that everyone else is better off than they are. We’ve created a vortex “anywhere but here” or “why not me?”. We are constantly in comparison with each other whether it’s intentional or not. I for one am definitely guilty. Let’s be honest, how much time do you spend trying to get the perfect shot to put on some social media site instead of actually enjoying the experience itself? If I had a $1 for every nostalgic quote or super snazzy photo that I’ve come across (or have done myself) on a daily basis, I could prolong being a bum for an eternity.


– Here’s a photo that I took in San Diego. Worry free TJ living it up. What you don’t know is that I was stuck on conference calls and dealing with my maniac boss on the majority of my stay and that I was miserable. Such a perfect life, go on, envy me.

I always hear that “millennials are self indulgent and are never happy with what they have. Well, if older generations had the same technology to connect and interact with people all over the world when they were younger, do you really think they’d be any different? I think not.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I’ve noticed that I have been caught up in this cycle. Being 20 something and still figuring it out with every step that I take, it’s easy to look at a bunch of filtered photos and super positive status updates and feel like the world is in on something that I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly fortunate to have been able to take that picture in San Diego and to have even gone. I’m just merely pointing out that not everything is as it seems.

My new goal for myself is to take a chill pill on being caught up with social media and actually give this “real life” bit a shot. Of course I’ll still blog and use these apps, but in moderation. I don’t hate social media, in fact I think it’s a great tool. I mean for me to be able to talk to someone across the country let alone the world in real time, it’s incredible! However with great technology comes great responsibility (You can thank Uncle Ben for that one… hehe). Bottom line is no one person’s life is perfect, no matter how many filters or philosophical quotes they put on it. Especially me, I don’t have all the answers (Kanye’s rant at Sway came to mind as I wrote that, lol), and I certainly don’t pretend to. Everybody poops; and chances are it is smelly 😉