Strategic Sunday Pt. 5: Gone Fishin’

I missed Freelance Friday last week– I’m sorry!

This week/end took an unexpected turn as I’ve been babysitting since Thursday evening. Needless to say that my niece, nephew and furchild Abbey have been giving me a run for my money this long weekend. That said, tomorrow is a new day where I’ll be back in the swing of things, including a summation of my hilarious adventures with my niece and nephew. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day tomorrow!

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

My all time favorite occupation for the last 6ish years has been being an aunt. I absolutely adore my niece and nephews! They are some of the coolest mini-humans I know. There are times (a lot actually) where they’re more fun to hang out with than adults. Almost every Saturday my 2 oldest niece and nephew (5 and 6) and I go out on some sort of adventure and last week was no different.

During our usual weekend shenanigans, I took the kiddos to Hobby Lobby. We were getting t-shirts to decorate back at my place. Upon arriving, my niece (quite innocently) asked me which gym I went to. I was a bit confused by the question so I asked her what she meant. Then my precocious little nephew chimed in. “She means to say that you’re a bit chubby.”

I was so taken aback by the comment that I didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Then, I hysterically bursted into laughter. It was such a frank and honest statement that I couldn’t even be offended by it. Plus, the nonchalant look and tone of his delivery was priceless! I love that kids do not have a filter. They don’t worry about your feelings or if what they say is politically correct. So if you’re looking for an honest answer, ask a child. They’ll tell it to you like it is without sugar coating it. And on that note, it’s time to do my 30 day challenge… 😉



I Left My Heart In San Diego

Ok, so that’s not the actual song title (San Francisco), but the sentiment remains the same! I’m back in Satan’s butt crack (I laugh every time I write that) super rejuvenated from my little excursion.  San Diego, specifically Pacific Beach, was a much needed shock to the system. Every time I come back to my home state, it’s like I’m recharging my batteries! I feel like a better person (dramatic much?).  Plus the gorgeous SD weather was everything I hoped for and then some.


– Me driving into town on Friday

I checked out the local bar scene while I was in Pacific Beach. If you’re ever there, I highly recommend Duck Dive. That place was amazing! Great environment and the outside patio was great for checking out the local talent (a.k.a hot dudes). For those who have never visited San Diego (or California for that matter) 8.9/10 guys are ridiculously beautiful. I mean just stop what you’re doing and stare ostentatiously  gorgeous men (And they say women aren’t visual). Anyway, back to the point, the scenery was just breathtaking and I couldn’t get enough of it.


-Sunset Friday evening

While the scenery was amazing, it was great to catch up with my good friend Toni. I told her that I secretly hated/envied her for living a stone’s throw away from the beach!  As I’ve complained about (a lot) I rarely get down time, it was nice to be a regular person for two days. We had a good time laughing about life and how crazy everything has turned out thus far. In our senior AP English class, our teacher told us to imagine where we’d be in 5 years. 7 years later, I can whole heartedly tell you my journey to date looks absolutely nothing like I had imagined it. Though, I cannot complain as to where it has gotten me either.


-Pier Saturday evening

Another great thing about San Diego is Ikea!!! I love love love Ikea and I am severely disappointed to not have one here. We have prostitutes and gambling but no Ikea, get it together Vegas! Saturday I spent quite some time perusing the aisles and looking at amazing things to furnish my place with. I’m going to need at least 16,000 sq. ft. in my future home to satisfy my interior decor needs. Time to find a sugar daddy… 😉 Anywho, my mini trip was just what the doctor order and I enjoyed every minute. I hope everyone’s weekend was just as enjoyable as mine. Happy Monday!

Image-Until next time PB!

I’m Going Going, Back Back, to Cali Cali

It is time to make the pilgrimage back to my promise land! It’s been so long since I’ve been to So cal (or a beach for that matter), the reality of my trip may cause for my brain to combust from shear excitement. Being a So Cal native, it’s hard not to live there anymore, and with my work schedule it’s very hard to get back even though it’s a mere 3 hours away. So close, but so far. Back in college I remember my AZ friends saying that Californians were arrogant. My thought was always “you’d be arrogant if you lived there too.” I mean c’mon, where else can you drive literally 2 hours in any direction and hit multiple geographic regions (i.e desert, mountains, beach, etc.) There’s so much to do there, that if you get bored, get in the car and drive and you can find some new adventure to get into. Plus the mild weather, ugh how I miss the glorious weather! Living in Satan’s Butt crack makes me long for a normal summer.

Since it’s the tail end of summer, this trip could not have come at a better time. I will help a good friend spend her last weekend before her law school adventure begins. My destination will be SD and I plan on enjoying every single minute of it. One of these days I will get back to the land that I love permanently. Now, I shall go caffeinate and get ready for some shenanigans! California or bust!