Someday this pain will be useful to you

I’m having a case of the Terrible Tuesdays.

Last week, my car was hit at my apartment (with no witnesses of course). The office management has got to be a team of the WORST individuals possible (I have a painfully hilarious post coming up about them). It’s been like pulling teeth, trying to get them to cooperate with providing any information that could possibly be of use. Mentally, I understand that things could be worse and that this too shall pass. Emotionally, I feel violated. I worked hard to pay for my car and it absolutely sucks that some random asshole can just come and damage it without regard.

Le sigh.

Well, writing that out actually helped a bit, so maybe now I’ll get my to-do list started. My little pity party is done and come tomorrow, I will have more humorous things to discuss. Until then, I am looking forward to the day where I look back on this and laugh. 🙂



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